Structure of the GRP

After becoming an official political party in 2001 (as the result of Nader/LaDuke attaining almost 7% of the vote for President and Vice President in Massachusetts), the Green-Rainbow Party had to change its organizational structure to handle the responsibilities of an official party according to Massachusetts law. Here is a summary of the groups that make up the Green-Rainbow Party.

Party Members
You are a automatically a member of the Green-Rainbow Party if you are registered to vote as a Green-Rainbow (designation letter 'J') in Massachusetts. You can also be a member of the party if your voter registration is not in another Party designation (that is, you're registered as "Unenrolled," also known as independent) and pay dues. Read this page on how to donate and pay dues. Read this page on how to get more involved.

Local Chapters

The Green-Rainbow local chapters are at the core of the grassroots organizing principles of the Green-Rainbow Party. Local chapters are groups of Green-Rainbows who meet on a regular basis to promote Green-Rainbow issues and Green-Rainbow politics. Local chapters can be formed around universities, towns, regions, or other interests. As the Party continues to grow, some of these local chapters will become the city, town, and ward committees of the party as recognized by state law.

State Convention

The Green-Rainbow Party holds an annual state convention to elect the officers of the party and representatives to other Green organizations, and to endorse and nominate candidates running for governmental positions. The state convention also serves as the highest decision-making body of the Party.

State Committee

The State Committee, which meets quarterly, sets policy and makes major decisions for the Party. The State Committee consists of representatives elected from Mass. State senatorial districts at the time of presidential primaries; and of regional delegates elected every two years from the 12 regions as identified by Party bylaws. Any decision made by the State Committee can be overturned at the state convention.

Administrative Committee

The Administrative Committee, which meets in person or by phone at least monthly, handles the administrative matters of the Party. In administering day-to-day operations, this Committee interprets the policies and platform of the Party but does not set them.

Working Committees

The State Committee has created several working committees for the purpose of carrying out specific tasks. Working committees can be created and disbanded by the State Committee as necessary.

Other Green Organizations

The Green-Rainbow Party is affiliated with the national Green Party, called Green Party of the United States. As a member of the national party, the GRP elects formal representatives so as to participate in decision-making at the national level.