State Committee Responsibilities

The State Committee will serve as the legislature of the Green-Rainbow Party. It shall have general responsibility for the affairs of the Green-Rainbow Party between state conventions.

This responsibility shall include:

* Maintaining regular communication with and provide training, information, and other services to Green-Rainbow local chapters.
* Formulating and disseminating statements of Party policy and platform.
* Coordinating and conducting the Party’s state campaigns.
* Raising and disbursing monies needed for the successful operation of the Green-Rainbow Party and its local chapters.
* Overseeing the work and decisions of the Administrative Committee.
* Filling vacancies in the nominations for statewide and congressional offices.
* Amending the by-laws.

It is the responsibility of the members of the State Committee to:

* Actively participate in the business of the State Committee, including attendance at meetings.
* Maintain regular communication and consultation with Green-Rainbow local chapters in their area and keep those chapters informed of state party affairs.
* Expand the number and membership of Green-Rainbow local chapters in their county.
* Refrain from publicly criticizing party nominees.

Working Committees may have as many or as few members as are available. Any member of the Green-Rainbow Party may serve on a Working Committee. Each State Committee member must serve on at least one Working Committee but not more than two Working Committees.