Voter Registration Form Instructions

Note: This information was taken from the United States Election Assistance Center on July 2, 2009. We pulled the relevant instructions for registering in Massachusetts. For more information, visit the EAC web site.

Before filling out the body of the form, please answer the questions on the top of the form as to whether you are a United States citizen and whether you will be 18 years old on or before Election Day. If you answer no to either of these ques­tions, you may not use this form to register to vote.

Box 1 — Name

Put in this box your full name in this order — Last, First, Middle. Do not use nicknames or initials. Note: If this application is for a change of name, please tell us in Box A (on the bottom half of the form) your full name before you changed it.

Box 2 — Home Address

Put in this box your home address (legal address). Do not put your mailing address here if it is different from your home address. Do not use a post office box or rural route without a box number.

Note: If you were registered before but this is the first time you are registering from the address in Box 2, please tell us in Box B (on the bottom half of the form) the address where you were registered before. Please give us as much of the address as you can remember.

Also Note: If you live in a rural area but do not have a street address, or if you have no address, please show where you live using the map in Box C (at the bottom of the form).

Box 3 — Mailing Address

If you get your mail at an address that is different from the address in Box 2, put your mailing address in this box. If you have no address in Box 2, you must write in Box 3 an address where you can be reached by mail.

Box 4 — Date of Birth

Put in this box your date of birth in this order — Month, Day, Year. Be careful not to use today’s date!

Box 5 — Telephone Number

Most States ask for your telephone number in case there are questions about your application. However, you do not have to fill in this box.

Box 6 — ID Number

Federal law requires that you provide your driver’s license number to register to vote. If you do not have a current and valid Massachusetts’ driver’s license then you must provide the last four (4) digits of your social security number. If you have neither, you must write “NONE” in the box and a unique identifying number will be assigned to you.

Box 7 — Choice of Party

This is pre-filled with “Green-Rainbow Party.” Thank you for joining the party!

Box 8 — Race or Ethnic Group

Massachusetts does not collect this information; leave this space blank.

Box 9 — Signature

Before you sign or make your mark, make sure that you understand all of Box 9.

Finally, sign your full name or make your mark, and print today’s date in this order — Month, Day, Year. If the applicant is unable to sign, put in Box D the name, address, and telephone number (optional) of the person who helped the applicant.