[Statecom] 4th Reminder About State Com on Jan 11th with Some New Links

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Mon Jan 6 14:15:45 EST 2014

Hello, this is the friendly  4th Reminder about the Winter 2014 State 
Committee meeting  which is coming up soon on this coming Saturday.
Date: _Saturday, January 11,  2014_ (x-apple-data-detectors://3/)   (Snow 
Date: _January 25_ (x-apple-data-detectors://4/) , 2014.) 
Time:  _9 a.m. - 4 p.m._ (x-apple-data-detectors://5/) 
Location:  First Unitarian Church, 90 Main Street, Worcester.
Some Updated  Information:
Members, please review  these links prior to the meeting. 

For Our Discussion About State Com Regions: Draft Maps of Proposed  State 
Com Regions Submitted at Fall 2013 State Com Meeting (One  page has 8 Regions 
per State and the other has 10 Regions Per State) 

In Order For Us to Approve The Minutes: Fall, 2013 State  Com Meeting 

It is also important that  everyone planning to attend RSVPs for the 
meeting  at:

Meeting Agenda 
A draft agenda has been  posted at

As  we aim to be fully inclusive, we are taking agenda suggestions up until 
the  time of the meeting, so please suggest additions or edits to the 
agenda on  that page.  
Proposal Vetting and  Ranking

Vetting and  comments by committees, chapters and individuals on any of the 
four  proposals must be completed and posted on the State Com Proposals  
Page by _January 8, 2014 at 9  a.m._ (x-apple-data-detectors://10/) 

Amendments to Proposals must  be published by _January 9, 2014  at 9  a.m._ 
In order to determine the  order in which proposals will be heard, your 
facilitators will send  a ranking ballot to the Statecom list on January 8, 
2014 with instructions of  how to submit your ballot. Look out for that e-mail 
on January  8th.
You may submit your ranking  ballot only after _January 9, 2014 at 9  a.m._ 
(x-apple-data-detectors://12/)  (when the deadline for publishing 
amendments has passed)  and your ranking ballot must be submitted by _January 10. 
2014 at  9  p.m._ (x-apple-data-detectors://13/)  in order for it to be taken 
into consideration  for proposal order. 

Looking Forward To Seeing  Everyone In A Few Days,
Joyce  Palmer-Fortune
Danny Factor
Winter 2014 State Committee  Meeting Facilitators
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