Local Chapters

Find/join a local chapter

Please contact our Membership Director at 617-418-3756 or membership.director@green-rainbow.org in order to be put in touch with some local contacts.

Start a local chapter

Here is some information to help get you started in creating a local chapter:

Recruiting people to a local chapter

The GRP can give you a list of Green-Rainbow members in your town; you can also get a list of registered GRP voters from your town hall. You can then contact these people by e-mail or phone. Not all of them may want to get involved, but they will likely be sympathetic to the Green-Rainbow movement.

The GRP can provide contact information to supporters who are either:

* registered to vote as Green-Rainbow and want to start a local chapter in your area; or
* an officer of an officially affiliated local chapter of the party.

Fill out and mail us a signed copy of our Agent Agreement at:

Attn: Agent Agreement
Green-Rainbow Party
Box 87 N. Hatfield, MA 01066

Join the Locals Email list

Stay in the local chapters loop! Join the Locals discussion list.