The Boston Globe: Green-Rainbow Party to Field Three Statewide Candidates

by Globe Staff
The Boston Globe

The Green-Rainbow Party plans to field three statewide candidates in this fall's election, including candidates for governor and lieutenant governor.

Meeting in Northampton last weekend, the party's state committee also endorsed the candidacy of Nat Fortune for the office of state auditor. The incumbent, Democrat A. Joseph DeNucci, is not seeking reelection.

Fortune is an associate professor of physics at Smith College in Northampton, according to his website. He is currently chair of the town of Whately's school committee and has two teenaged children who attend Whately public schools.

His wife, Joyce Palmer-Fortune, is on the town's board of selectmen.

"An independent auditor will be able to take a critical look and separate the expenditures that are working from those that are just wasting our money,'' Fortune said in a statement.

The committee gave its formal endorsement to Jill Stein's candidacy for governor and to Rick Purcell, a veterans activists from Holyoke, for the second spot.

Purcell said in a statement that he has been gathering nomination signatures in Holyoke recently. "They ask me if I’m a Democrat or Republican, and when I tell them ‘neither’ they’re delighted to sign my petition,'' he said.

The party also endorsed Peter White, who has launched an independent campaign to succeed US Representative William Delahunt in the 10th Congressional District. Delahunt is retiring.

Daryl Sprague, a spokesman, said the party does not expect to have candidates running for other statewide offices.

The party also said it will back candidates for two state House seats in western Massachusetts.