Candidate Development and Legal Committee

Mission Statement

To expand the number and preparedness of Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts candidates for elected and appointed office. To monitor legal compliance for the Green-Rainbow Party.


The responsibilities of this working group are as follows.

  • Help locals find and nurture candidates
  • Evaluate candidates for understanding and commitment to Green-Rainbow values and procedures
  • Organize campaigning and Get Out The Vote training classes for candidates, candidate committees, locals and volunteers
  • Find candidates to run for statewide office
  • gather information about electoral results and campaign learnings to pass on to each new group of candidates and their supporters in the Green-Rainbow Party
  • Monitor state and federal laws and procedures for political parties/designations
  • Develop policies and submit them for passage so the Green-Rainbow Party meets state and federal requirements as in line with our values as possible
  • Address as necessary any ballot or election related issues for the Party and, as time permits, requests from other Green-Rainbow Party bodies about ballot or election related issues
  • Help the Green-Rainbow Party fulfill its diversity goals in its internal and external election efforts

Getting Involved

If you would like to join this committee please send an email to