Meet Our Candidates for 2010

Jill Stein for Governor

"This is the year we the people regain control of our Commonwealth and our common future. It's time for a Commonwealth that listens to the people, works for the people, and answers to the people. It's time to bring the voices of ordinary people into this election and into the halls of power. It's time to break the stranglehold of lobbyists and insiders, and get Beacon Hill back to work for the families and communities of the Commonwealth. It's time to start building the healthy, secure green future we so urgently need, richly deserve, and that is within our reach.

My name is Jill Stein, and that's why I'm running for governor."

— Jill Stein, January 2010

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Rick Purcell for
Lt. Governor

Richard "Rick" Purcell is a community activist, veterans advocate, and former U.S. Army medic who saw what war was all about when he served in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Rick was chairman of the "Vote No" group opposing privatization of Holyoke's wastewater treatment department. He is a member of Holyoke Citizens for Open Government and is active in Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Hampden County, Junior Achievement of Western Massachusetts, and Volunteer for Life Choice Organ Donor Bank.

He was born in Albuquerque, N.M., on December 21, 1959, one of five children of James R. and Doria Ann Redstone Purcell. He lived his first 14 years on an Indian reservation straddling the border of Apache County in Arizona and McKinley County in New Mexico. Rick has been employed at Bay State Medical Center in Springfield for 19 years, as a surgery clerk and ergonomics specialist.

Nat Fortune for
State Auditor

"Every tax dollar that is spent, every tax credit that is granted, every bond that is issued represents an investment of our Commonwealth. What kind of return are we getting for that investment? What about the jobs that disappear as soon as the tax breaks end? What about the costs to our communities of the state’s earmarks, mandates, special favors and giveaways to lobbyists and insiders? What about the funds that are spent exactly as the legislative leadership specifies on complete boondoggles? Who can you trust to audit those?

As the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party — the state affiliate of the Green Party of the United States — candidate for auditor, I offer a level of independence from the parties running Beacon Hill and their contributors that no other candidate can promise.

This November, voters have a simple question to answer when choosing an auditor: who can we trust to follow the money, no matter where it leads?"

For more information about Nat's candidacy, as well as ways to contribute to and volunteer for his campaign, please visit Nat Fortune for Auditor.

Scott Laugenour for
State Representative
(4th Berkshire)

"We have an opportunity to tip the scales towards new solutions - towards vibrant, green, forward-looking politics and public policy.

For too long we have not witnessed the change in Boston and in Washington we thought we were voting for. It’s still business as usual. Despite the fanfare over our commonwealth’s “reform” of health care in 2006, costs have not been contained and the private insurance plans that we are forced to purchase do not give us security. Tax increases, most recently the sales tax increase, are regressive, placing the burden ever more unfairly on those whose services, needs and desires are being ignored while banking interests get bailed out. Isn’t it time to demand real change? "

For more information about Scott's candidacy, as well as ways to contribute to and volunteer for his campaign, please visit Scott Laugenour for State Rep.

Mark Miller for
State Representative
(3rd Berkshire)

“I am running not only because of the triple threat of energy scarcity, global heating and economic trauma, but because I have questions about accountability, budget priorities, local economies, health care, tax fairness and commitment to public education that I don't see being addressed by the state House of Representatives. Citizens in an optimal democracy deserve truth and transparency in government. We don’t have enough of that in Massachusetts.”

A former newspaper and news service reporter, editor and columnist, Miller focuses on the environment, energy, alternative economic development. In 2008 he taught a course at Berkshire Community College titled “Global Warming, Peak Oil and Humanity.”

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