Administrative Committee


The Administrative Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Green-Rainbow Party. Four committee positions have specific designated responsibilities and are elected at the annual State Convention of the Green-Rainbow Party. The other committee members are general representatives who are elected by the State Committee to insure the diversity of our leadership.


Click here to read the responsibilities of Administrative Committee members Male Co-chair: Anthony Barrows Female Co-chair: Claribel Santiago Treasurer: Nat Fortune Secretary: TBA Diversity Rep.: to be filled at next State Committee meeting Diversity Rep.: to be filled at next State Committee meeting

Honorary (non-voting) members

Communications Director: Isabel Espinal Fundraising Director: to be filled at next State Committee meeting Membership Director: Rick Purcell

Email List

The Administrative Committee has an email list that anyone can subscribe to. Only Administrative Committee members can post messages to the email list. Please contact Administrative Committee members directly if you have information which you think needs to be made available to the committee. Click here to join the email list An archive (public record) of the GRP Administrative Committee's email proceedings is also available online. Click here for AdCom email archive

AdCom Nomination Form

If the Administrative Committee has positions that are not filled at the State Convention they can be filled at a State Committee meeting. Diversity Representative positions of AdCom are always elected at State Committee meetings. To run for a position when being elected at a State Committee meeting, you need to have 5 qualified nominators. Qualified nominators are members of the party as defined by our bylaws and explained on the back of the nomination form that you can download below. Click here to download nomination form


You can contact all the members of the Administrative Committee by writing to